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If you choose our window cleaning services today, you can be certain of a high-quality work done by fully licensed and professional cleaners. Our staff is highly-trained and equipped with the necessary tools to clean all types of windows. We care about our customer’s
health and the health of their loved ones as well as their pets. In this light, we use only environmental-friendly products to clean the windows.

We will like to see all our customers satisfied with the service that they receive from our staff. Clean windows are essential in improving the value of your property.   Of course, it’s possible for you to do your own residential window washing or commercial window washing, but if you want to give them a professional look, we advise you to consider contacting us today.

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Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing FAQs

The typical pressure washing costs are as follows. To pressure wash a typical house is between $220 to $320, $200 to $350 for a driveway, and $300 to $420 for a deck or patio. This would include degreasing and removing stains. Average pricing to pressure wash per square foot is between $0.18 and $0.45 per square foot for normal pressure washing. If there are stains like mold, grease, or dirt, then the prices more than likely will go up.

Century Pyramid Pressure Washing Services provided us this great information.

Before we give a straightforward answer to the question of what is a water fed pole, let's make one thing crystal clear - a pure water window cleaning setup consists of two components: a water purification system and a water fed pole. Now you may be wondering what a water fed pole is? It is part of window cleaning equipment that scrub the windows, and thanks to the pure water, it leaves no streaks, making your glass flawlessly clean.

Water fed poles can be 70 feet or more in length. They are made out of carbon fiber or fiber glass. These materials are way lighter and rigid than old, traditional ones - aluminum models. This allows you to reach and effectively clean high windows from the ground.

To make a long story short, water fed pole is a long extendable pole with a powerful, soft brush head on the end that makes window cleaning convenient.

Special thanks to SimPole for providing us this valuable information.

Many customers want to check if companies they are hiring are licensed and insured. You want to do your homework and make sure the company you are hiring is legitimate. Licensing for window cleaners varies in the cities and states they are located. For example, in Arizona there is not a license needed, but in California and Florida you must have a license. Check your local state and city for information before asking your local window cleaner to provide this information to you.

Special thanks to some great Tampa Window Cleaners in Florida for educating us.

Thinking about weather or not hiring a professional is worth it, then listen to this story... I met a customer who didn’t want to pay the $100 I was going to charge because they figured they would save the money and do it themselves. Sadly her husband fell off a ladder when trying to clean their windows. He broke his hip and they had over $40,000 of medical bills all because they wanted to save $100. Trained window cleaners are industry experts, and they know how to handle every situation, and clean nearly every type of window. They are insured should an accident happen, and they will do a much better job than you could ever do cleaning your own glass.

Story provided to us from Madison Window Cleaning.

Making glass sparkle is a great feeling. Having spotless windows sure makes your home or business feel like new again. How exactly can you make the glass sparkle?

Well, the best way to make any glass sparkle is getting 100% of the dust, dirt, stains, paint, or anything else off of it. If you have paint, sap, or even stain on your windows, you will need to use a small single-edge blade to remove it from your windows. Now, wet you window down nice and good with some soapy water. Lastly, take a squeegee with a nice straight-edge rubber in the channel and squeegee the water off. This should leave absolutely nothing on the glass, and it will sparkle for you!

Thanks to Professional Window Cleaners in Denver for providing us with this information.

Commercial window cleaners work their tails off, and are some of the most skilled technicians in the window cleaning industry. Think of them as a master at their trade. They've seen nearly every type of window there is, used about every type of equipment, and they have a vast knowledge of all the window cleaning tools there are available.

What commercial window cleaning will cost is congruent with the accessibility to the windows they will be cleaning for you. If you have a 1 to 4 story building, they may be able to use window cleaning or waterfed poles to clean your windows by standing on the ground. This lowers costs if they do not have to move ladders, or use large rental equipment to access your glass. If they need high rise swing stages to come down off your rooftop, then plan on your job costing several thousand dollars. This equipment is very expensive, and the insurance is high so it will be rolled into the cost.

Most commercial window cleaners will charge between $50 - $100 per hour they are working on your property.

Thanks to Jeremiah at South Mountain Window Cleaning for providing this information!

Cleaning windows can be so aggravating, especially when they are streaky when you've thought you did a good job. Here is what you need to know about leaving glass streak-free.

There are 2 simple ways to get windows spotless and streak-free. A professional grade squeegee will remove everything from the windows and leave nothing behind. A pure-water rinse will also do the same. This water-system uses a nylon brush to scrub the glass, the n simply rinse the window off and it will dry spot-free and streak-free!

Information was given to us from Squeaky Window Cleaning Services.

Thinking about installing gutter guards for your home? Let's weight to pros and cons and then you can decide for yourself if it's something you want to invest in.

Cleaning your own gutters presents a lot of risk and work. You can fall from a ladder or from your roof and be seriously injured; possibly even death from a serious fall. You will need equipment such as poles, a landscaping blower, and then haul all the trash away.

If you have gutter guards installed, you will not need to clean your gutters, or even pay a gutter cleaner to come clean them every year.

Thanks to TLC Window Cleaning Service for presenting us with this information.

If you are about to do a daily task of cleaning your windows, you may be wondering if it is good to clean the windows in the sun or shade?

Washing your windows in the sun is difficult because the sun makes the glass surface so hot that any soap or cleaning detergent will evaporate almost instantly. Washing windows in the shade however, it is difficult to see any smears or streaks left behind. So what are you supposed to do?

Professional window cleaners can wet and squeegee a window on a house or a commercial window cleaners property faster than the sun can evaporate the cleaning solution, but most people cannot. It is advised to wash windows in the shade. Stay away from the sun and work on the opposite side of the house or building, then wait for the sun to move before going back to the sunny side.

Thanks to Ryan from Xcellent Xteriors for this perfect tip! You can visit their website here: https://xcellentxteriors.com/.

A water fed pole cleaning system is a major upgrade to window cleaning technology of the past. A long extendable carbon-fiber pole with a brush head is fed with an external or internal pump that provides a perpetual stream of clean, pure water via a small hose to the brush head on demand. No chemicals are needed to thoroughly clean the windows.

The purified water and the pump can be backpack-mounted or contained with a van, trailer, or external piece of machinery. Regardless of the setup, there are 4 major components to the system First there is a water tank that acts as a reservoir for the purified water, then there is a pump, next there is the extendable pole and lastly, the brush head used for scrubbing.

The pumped clean water in conjunction with the scrub head removes any dust, dirt, grime, debris, and smudges from the windows or other flat surfaces and then is left to air dry. The end result is clean and clear without any unsightly residue or smudging. This sort of technology has been revolutionary for the window cleaning industry by not only making window cleaning safer for the workers but also making the entire process far more efficient.

Special thanks to Ambassador Window Cleaning & Maintenance for providing us this valuable information.

No one likes to spend time outdoors cleaning their house. You might even have a fear of heights and refuse to climb up on your roof to scrub away the grime that has built up over years of neglect. If you're not willing to do this, then why not hire someone else? Residential power washing is the perfect solution for those who want a cleaner, greener lifestyle without hassle.

Maintaining a clean house is essential for more than just your happiness and peace of mind. Residential power washing also improves air quality by removing dirt and debris from your house's surfaces. This leaves fewer particulates to float in the air, reducing asthma attacks for those who have sensitive breathing conditions like bronchitis..

The exterior of houses is often overlooked when considering residential power washing services. This type of service will remove algae from roofs as well as tree sap or animal droppings. In addition, they'll clean gutters and screen windows so they won't get clogged with leaves in autumn or ice during the winter months.

Residential power washing helps keep a house looking fabulous without taking up time and energy for people who don't want to do all the work themselves!

So don't wait until you have an emergency before calling in residential power washing professionals. These professionals will take care of everything from stripping paint and removing mildew to cleaning bird droppings off roofs.

This information was provided for us from: Squeegee Pros Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing for providing us this valuable information.

When cleaning windows, all you need is a bucket of water, some dishwashing soap, and a sponge. But if you're doing it professionally, you want to get the job done fast and efficiently. A professional window cleaner would use a few extra tools.

The first is a squeegee. This is essential for a perfect, streak-free, and dry window. For those harder to reach, tall windows, professionals would use window cleaning poles or a ladder. For a cleaning solution, professionals keep it simple by using dishwater soap and a bucket of water. Also, a wide bucket is ideal when cleaning windows.

Another tool a professional will use is a T-bar that gets the cleaning solution on the window's surface. Scrapers are useful if there are caked-on grime. A few clean and dry towels for the detailing part is also essential. And lastly, a tool belt that can hold various things like a squeegee or other tools, so they are close at hand.

If you are searching for the best, our Los Angeles window cleaners have the expertise and the experience to complete any job you have from high rise to your home.

Professional power washers say that cold pressure washing is the best protection.

Hot pressure washing permanently warps vinyl siding, damages roof components, and never actually cleans the surface of a building. Cold water is gentler on surfaces and takes longer to dry it out-but once it does, the quality of the surface will be cleaner than if sprayed with hot water.

Cold water also cannot cause flash rusting where high levels of iron accumulates in certain areas because too much salt or acidity reduces corrosion rates by removing iron from flowing water and dissolved ions below saturation in the air.

Thank you Joshua from Browns Pressure Washing in Nashville provided us with this awesome answer.

Window washing is the process of applying a liquid solution or material to clean and shine windows. After window washing, screens and sills are typically included as well.

Window cleaning services can cater specifically for your needs by including solar panels, gutter cleaning, exterior paint pressure washing- or just the basics like glass only regular window cleansing if that's all you need! Make sure you do your due diligence in researching which company will provide on-time service with competitive pricing. Trustworthy companies always include windowsills in the price they quote; make sure yours does too!

Thanks to Peter from Clear View San Luis Obispo for this pro-tip! You can visit their website here: www.clearviewsanluisobispo.com.

Additional FAQs

Answer: Rinse dirty surfaces with vinegar and water. The acid breaks down fat molecules and the glass stays nice and shiny without streaks or spots

The acidic pH of vinegar helps to break down the film left by grease, which is where dirt particles can become embedded over time. Vinegar also contains various acids that act as a natural disinfectant for cleaning surfaces, making it a great multi-purpose spot remover on all surfaces including granite countertops, stainless steel sinks, stovetops and more!

Special thanks to Peter at Gordon Exterior Cleaning in Florida. You can visit his website here: www.gordonexteriorcleaning.com

Dawn dish liquid is a great way to clean your windows and it's an inexpensive, biodegradable product with less harsh chemicals than other cleaners. You can find it at most grocery stores.

You can also use vinegar for cleaning since it's clear and natural but be cautious when using any outside materials that might contaminate the inside of your house. Always wear rubber gloves, make sure you do not leave liquids on surfaces that are porous (such as wood or tile), do not mix vinegar + ammonia, and always put down some towels before spraying rather than directly onto a surface so that the cleaner does not come in contact with anything except the surface you're trying to clean. Also avoid spraying glass doors indoors where there is no ventilation

Special thanks to Glass Act Pro Wash, the best window cleaners in West Palm Beach FL

Can I clean windows in the sun?

Windows can be cleaned in the sun with certain guidelines.
– Use water or glass cleaner containing ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to avoid streaks and residue on the surface of the window.
– Make sure your sills (the trim around the outside edge of the window) are dry before cleaning windows, as these can also accumulate streaks if they become wet.
– Do not use soap-based cleaners because they will promote streaky residue that is difficult to remove after drying; however, sudsy detergents may be helpful in removing dirt during transitional periods between steps within a cleaning process without leaving any film behind on glass panes.

Thanks to Window Washing Wealth for this fantastic insight 🙂

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Window Washing Company – How to Find the Right Service Provider

If you need your windows professionally cleaned, hiring a local window cleaning services is one solution to your problem. With this in mind, you have a number of local companies which provide washing and general cleaning services, so which one should you hire?

Type of Window Cleaning Service
When choosing a window washing company consider residential versus commercial specialists. If services are being done in the home, or in a large commercial space, will dictate which service providers you should consider hiring.

Consider Experience & Qualifications
Don’t hire a company which isn’t: licensed, bonded, certified, and insured. When choosing a local company for services, make sure they have the credentials to back up their services. Not only to ensure they are a reputable company you can trust, but also to ensure the window washers they employ, are qualified and have the standard experience/knowledge to do the job right.

Equipment, Cleaning Solutions & Techniques
When choosing a local window washing company consider how they perform window washing services. Do they offer pressure washing? Do their window washers have experience using the latest motorized equipment? Do they have “green” cleaning agents, or do they used chemical based solutions? Make sure the company you hire not only has the best equipment in place, but also that they employ the best cleaning techniques, methods, and have the experience in performing the cleaning services you desire.

Window Cleaning Prices & Guarantees –
It is in your best interest to get a few quotes prior to hiring a company. So compare prices, the service guarantees, money back guarantees, and anything else a company promises if you aren’t pleased with their services. The best companies are typically highly rated (have great online reviews) will offer affordable pricing, and will guarantee the work they perform.

Because there are many local companies you can hire, it is important to consider several prior to choosing one. When the time comes to hire professional cleaners, these are a few factors which should help guide you in choosing a local window washing company for service solutions.

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How to Find a Great Window Cleaner Nearby

No two window cleaners are the same. Some charge you way over the odds, while others provide you with excellent customer service. If you want to save money and find a quality window cleaning company in your local area, follow these tips. These methods are great if you have ever asked yourself, “what’s the best window cleaner near me?”

First, Use a Price Comparison Website

Price comparison websites let you compare and contrast different window cleaners in your area. You’ll find loads of information in one place, so you won’t have to search the internet looking for the best prices. Just search for local window cleaners, you’ll receive a list of services in your area. Pay close attention to prices, too. This will help you find the ultimate window cleaner for your particular needs.

Secondly, Contact Window Cleaning Companies

Once you have found two or three window cleaning services that you are interested in, contact each one by phone and email to obtain a full quote. Remember to ask about any hidden fees. The best window cleaning services have competitive flat rates, so you know exactly how much it will cost you right from the very start. Some window cleaning companies might charge you more cash if you need your windows cleaned during the weekend or on a public holiday, so don’t forget to ask about this as well.

Last, Check Out Review Sites or Call The Company

Review sites let you check window cleaners in your area. You will find reviews from other customers who have used their services in the past, and you can use this information when deciding on the best service for your circumstances. Pay close attention to any negative reviews. These might indicate that a customer was not happy with a window cleaning service in the past.

Looking for the best window cleaners nearby sometimes can be simply done by calling and asking to speak with the owner. If you let the secretary answering the phone know you are planning to get your windows cleaned, and not selling something, most secretaries will allow you to interview the owner of the company.  Follow the three tips on the list above to save money and find a professional that suits you.