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How do you professionally clean windows?

To get crystal clear windows, all you need are a few things. You need a squeegee, about a five-gallon bucket of water, some dishwashing liquid, and small towels. Using a squeegee instead of a bottle and paper towels is the fastest way to get a streak-free clean window. Soap water will make the windows stay wet longer so that the squeegee can glide through it easier. First, use a cloth to wipe down the frame. Use a terry cloth as it holds water while you’re doing this.

Next, use a scrubber on every part of the glass and make sure to cover every inch. You can use vertical or horizontal strokes. Wash the glass without saturating it with too much water. Next, grip the squeegee’s handle at a 30 degrees angle from the grip to the glass. This is the easiest way to clean with a squeegee. If you want to avoid rundowns, make a dry edge with the squeegee at the top of the window to prevent drips from the top. Then use the squeegee from top to bottom.

The final step is the detailing part. Use a microfiber towel because it dries better. When washing windows with wood panels, try to keep a cloth handy, so the wood doesn’t get wet, as it can get damaged.

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