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How does a heated pressure washer work?

Heated pressure washers are used to deep clean dirt or grease in different spaces. Unlike cold pressure washers, heated pressure washers work by heating the water up to to 155 (70), causing molecules to move faster, thus maximizing the cleaning potential of the detergent by helping it penetrate dirt or grime at a deeper level. Detergent flows in from a separate container and the motor pumps the soap and water together, mixing them while passing through a high-pressure exit hose that gives the mixture the force to create friction once the water hits the surface.

The chemicals in the detergents combined with the heated water and the pressure mechanism wash away all the grease and sticky dirt of any surface. There are more specialized and more basic heated pressure washers, but the basic mechanism and function are the same. Depending on more specific needs or spaces to be cleaned are the added features that you can find in the washers.