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The Professional Window Cleaner

It is never easy being a true professional window cleaner. It is the kind of job you do that separates you from the rest of the pack. One disgruntled customer may cost you a ton of future jobs. That is the last thing a professional window cleaner would want in their career. So, how do you get the results that your customer needs?

Investing in the Right Tools

As they say, you should never bring a knife into a gunfight; it is the same way with window cleaning. You should come with the right set of tools if you are to satisfy your customers. Some of the basic things you need are squeegee, a bucket, scrapper, detergent, poles, ladders and whatever else you will need. Each cleaning challenge is different, and you should be ready to get it done. Without the appropriate set of tools and materials, you will never satisfy the needs of your customer.

Never Leave Until the Customer is Satisfied

Rushing over to complete the job and be paid is a total turn off to your customers. Take your time to know what needs to be done and how to achieve the best results. Assemble all your equipment and tackle the job with precision. Leave everything sparkling. If you feel that something is not up to scratch, go over it once more. Let the customer know you are not in any particular hurry.

Know the Best Cleaning Methods

You became a professional by having the right knowledge, necessary training, and passion. You already know that windows are
not equal; there are those you can give a quick brush over, and they are shining. Others will need an intensive method to have them shining. Know your window cleaning methods and when to use each one of them. You do not want to damage your client’s window because you used the wrong cleaning method.

Offering Competitive Prices

Most Reliable Window Cleaners

Most Reliable Window Cleaners

You do not want customers to label you as expensive. Your pricing should take into consideration what everyone has in their budget for window cleaning. Let your prices be comfortable with everyone. You should not be the cheapest but also strive not to be the most expensive. As long as you give back value for what customers are paying, your prices are justified.

There is only one way to win the heart of customers in the window cleaning business. Give them the results they want, and you will be the guy they call when the cleaning cycle comes around. Now that you know how to keep your customers satisfied; go ahead and be the best professional window cleaner ever.