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Equipment Needed to Clean Windows Like a Professional

Window cleaning is not a tedious task, as many people claim, as long as you have the right window cleaning tools. Those who run window cleaning businesses know the importance of having the right cleaning tools. Besides letting you work faster, the best window cleaning tools gives no room for mistakes. This helps you to make more money because you can clean a significant number of windows in a few hours.

Let’s look at the professional window cleaning equipment suitable for homes and businesses.


Squeegees are known to give windows an excellent, streak-free dry, and there is a high likelihood that you’ll be using multiples of them every time you clean your windows. The good news is that they’re available in a wide variety of options in the market. So, what do you need to have in mind when looking for a squeegee?

A Squeegee is made up of three elements, namely: the handle, the channel, and the rubber. Most traditional window cleaners opt for a heavy brass handle because it helps to maintain the pressure on the window blade. The latest model of squeegees is made up of light-weight aluminum and plastic, alongside other additional features which make it more efficient. Because you have to use more than one squeegee, you can try both and determine which one works best for you.

Tallest Window Washing Pole System for window cleaners

Tallest Window Washing Pole System for window cleaners

Extension Poles

Window cleaning poles are a necessity if you are to clean tall and hard to reach windows in the absence of ladders or lifts. Some are made up of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, while others are made of aluminum. When it comes to choosing extension, pores go for ones that are replaceable, easy to lock, and those that contain ergonomic grips.


Even though extension poles allow you to work from the ground for most of the jobs, you’ll still need a ladder to scrub thoroughly on a tall window. A good ladder can make it easier to clean such places without endangering your life. If you’re a window cleaner who relies on extension poles only, then make a plan to add a ladder in your list of window cleaning tools.

Window Washing Brushes



Towels, apart from being cost-effective, they are designed to speed up the cleaning process. Surgical towels and microfiber cloths are cost-effective, and a good option for window cleaning with no streaks or lint left behind. Towels are a great addition to your list of window cleaning tools.

Solutions and Buckets

Always keep your cleaning solution simple. Despite a mixture of dish soap and water being cost-efficient, it, in return, gives a professional clean. Since buckets are not that expensive, you can buy a few from your local hardware. Keep in mind to buy two or more rectangular buckets that are big enough for your widest T-bar.

Pure Water Window Cleaning & Long Poles

SimPole’sWater Fed Pole – Ultra High Mod – Katana 30ft pole system is ideal for professional window cleaners that are looking to get the best out of their window cleaning poles. Apart from being portable, easy to run, and more efficient, the Unger HydroPower Ultra system is ideal for pure water cleaning.

The discussed above are some of the window cleaning equipment needed to clean windows for both homes and businesses.