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Greenearth Window Services

San Diego, CA- Do you need a window cleaner? At America’s Best window services we provide weekly, monthly or any other time you may want your house, office, hotel, pub windows to be cleaned. Window cleaning can be difficult, time consuming and sometimes dangerous.  We know how valuable your time is and our highly experienced technicians are ready to do the cleaning and scrubbing for you.

Choosing the right window cleaner can bring a fresh and inviting outlook to your home or business while choosing the wrong one can bring stress.

Greenearth window services

Greenearth window services

Greenearth window services provide professional window cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. We are also equipped with the latest water technology pole system which enables us to clean the highest windows without the need of a ladder. Our window cleaning system complies with the safety and health regulations in order to ensure that you are safe.

Our water is treated and purified. This ensures that it dries strip free without leaving a single residue. The treated water is pumped up through a pole to the brush which then cleans the windows.

To ensure that your windows are sparkling clean we rub and scrub you’re them in order to remove the buildup grease, grime and air borne contaminants. The window pane is then squeegeed clean with high grade equipment that get rids of 99.9% of the dirt and water from the glass pores. The edges and sills are then wiped dry and clean leaving nothing but a sparkling glass.

No window cleaning is too tough for us. And as a well-known and respected franchise. We offer comprehensive training programs and we provide all our clients with the very best in professional services. All our professionals are employees of greenearth cleaning services and they have passed background checks. They also wear clear labelled badges in order to identify themselves to you and your family. We are fully insured and bonded; this ensures that our customer do not have to incur for any damage or injury.

We also provide specially designed window care services which are customized in accordance to your needs. Our window cleaning program enables you as a client to enjoy a cleaning schedule that is effective and affordable in order to keep your windows looking clean all year round. It’s very simple, the more you use our services the more cheap it becomes.

We promise all our customers satisfaction, the best customer services and quality of the highest order.