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4 Steps to Wash Windows Like a Pro

Due to the dust, pollen, and other particles accumulation, windows can become dirty thus blocking your view. That is the reason why washing window is important. To most people, washing windows is not an easy task. However, you can make it simple and easy. Try out these four steps, and you will be impressed by how quick and thorough you will get your windows washed.

First thing is dry cleaning your windows. Using a duct cloth or a soft-bristle brush is highly recommended. Make sure that you have removed dust, cobwebs and dirt at this stage. Once that is done, mix your cleaners using pure water.

The second step is tackling the dirt head on. Dip a lint-free cloth in the cleaning solution and rub away the dirt. You should avoid getting the windows drenched. If you are using vinegar, keep it away from the window frames.

The third step is using the squeegee and the right window washing equipment. You will need a bucket, a window washing applicator to wet the windows, some Dawn Dish Soap, a professional squeegee, and some lint-free rags or towels.  It’s good practice to put towels under window sills to absorb any drips they may fall onto your carpet or down the wall as you wash your windows.  The best window cleaners practice for months on end perfecting they skills, so don’t be frustrated if this takes a little time to master.

First, web the blade so that it doesn’t skip. Start from the upper corner draw the squeeze down in a straight stroke. Wipes squeegee’s blade (with a lint-free cloth) and repeat the same thing for the entire window.

Fourth and last cleaning the frames. Wipe the window frames with a damp cloth and immediately rinse. With these four steps, your window will be thoroughly cleaned. How frequent you wash your windows depends on your surroundings.


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