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First-class Window Washing Services in San Diego

We are a licensed window cleaning company that provides commercial window cleaning services in San Diego. Our cleaning process coupled with our experienced team of cleaners ensures that we leave your windows sparkling. As your trusted San Diego Commercial window cleaning company, we ensure that your windows stay clean at all times that offers an environment that is attractive to both customers and employees. We use state-of-the-art equipment, unique cleaning process, and environmentally friendly products that are unknown to other local cleaning companies. We are indeed the ideal team for the most sophisticated commercial window cleaning duties.

We Make Your Premises Cleaner Than Ever Before

San Diego Commercial Window Cleaning

San Diego Commercial Window Cleaning

Our cleaners ensure they clean the entire surface of all the windows in your building on every visit. Our commercial cleaning procedure gets rid of all contaminants and allergens trapped from the outside environment. This ensures that you stay in a healthy environment particularly to asthma patients and those prone to allergies. Unlike other cleaners who just move dirt using dust wands and mops, we remove the dirt completely using top notch-equipment.

The materials we use for cleaning are sourced from leading manufacturing companies that have a reputation of producing quality products. The products are safe for use and cannot damage your windows in any way. Before we embark on the cleaning, we assess the windows’ type to determine the cleaning agent that best suits the windows. Our cleaning process involves three basic steps:

  • Scrubbing the windows to free airborne contaminants and release buildup of grime.
  • Squeegee the window with a tool to dehydrate and remove dirt embedded on pores.
  • Wipe the entire window to dryness until the glass starts to sparkle from a distance.

We also provide a very rare surface upon request. We apply a clear sealant to serve as the finishing coat which ensures the glasses stay clean for a long duration.

We understand that commercial buildings are forever occupied as people conduct their businesses. As such, we do the cleaning very fast and within the shortest time possible. In case the building is fully occupied during weekdays, we go an extra mile of cleaning over the weekend. In addition, we can avail ourselves in the evening when employees leave for the night. As professional window cleaners, we understand the value of providing quality customer services. We treat your property with utmost care when you hire us. Our employees undergo background checks and, therefore, guarantee safety of your properties. Call us today for the best San Diego commercial window cleaning services.