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Best Way to Clean Windows Without Leaving Streaks

Would you like to know the best way to clean windows streak free? If yes, welcome. The task of cleaning windows involves wiping, spraying and reaching but without the right tools you can end up with a lot of streaks on your windows. The basic way to ensure you don’t end up with streaks is to make sure that every time the cleaner is diluted it done so using something clean. Below are five best ways of making sure that your window glasses end up streak free.

Use distilled water

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When cleaning glass, you should consider using distilled water because it does not have some minerals that may form deposits when cleaning. The normal hard water from the tap or tank may have some minerals that may affect glass cleaner or the glass. To avoid leaving streaks after cleaning ensure you use distilled water.


Vinegar works great on salads and equally the same on glasses. If it is used in a ratio of 1:1 with water it can be sprayed and wiped from the glass windows leaving no streaks. Vinegar costs very little thus it can be considered as a cheaper option to usual glass cleaner. After cleaning using the vinegar, its smell will remain around so it may be advisable to use it for outdoor cleaning.

Minimize suds

You should use as little soap as possible because glass does not require a lot of soap to remove the dirt on it. Remember adding a lot of soap will make your glass cleaner to be sticky, and that can be the worst mistake to make. In addition, suds occasionally leaves some streaks on your glass.

Banish paper towels

Paper towels should be avoided like a plague when cleaning windows. Why? Because they leave streaks with linty. In place of paper towels, you should use a handful of a newspaper, a squeegee or a microfiber. You should wear gloves if you are planning to use a newspaper because it leaves colors everywhere.


Buff it

Finally, apply the finishing touch. Why? Because even if you use the best way to clean windows streak free you can still end up having one or two streaks. In that case, finish your job with a buff. A microfiber cloth or a chamois is the best choice, although an ordinary rag will suffice. A buff should be done after you have finished cleaning the glass. If after cleaning there were streaks, they will just disappear, and you are done. Remember though that the less dirt your window glasses accumulate, the easier, cost-saving and time-saving it is to clean